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3F, New Kyoto Bldg., Kiyamachi-Sanjo, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Information: Tel. 075-212-1125
Access: Keihan Railway: A 3 min walk from Exit 6 of Sanjo Station
Hankyu Railway: A 6 min walk from Exit 1 of Kawaramachi Station on the Kyoto Line


Dance Performance by Tatsunori IMAMURA

Tatsunori IMAMURA has worked with Kitamari, Junnosuke Tada, Yuya Tsukahara (contact Gonzo), Tsuyoshi Shirai, among other artists. Imamura also creates his own works, such as Joint speech, which is a performance using the sound of joint, and Apnea, a dance performance following certain rules without breathing, and more. Between 2008 and 2009, Immamura participated in many activities with “e-dance”, a dance community
based in Kyoto, as a dancer, choreographer and tuba player.


Dance & Musical Performance by Chèikh Tahïrou MBAYE + Yumiko NII

Chèikh Tahïrou Mbaye is an African percussionist from Dakar, Senegal. Born to a Griot family of the Senegalese traditional drum- Sabar. Sabar is roots music of daily life, Mbaye has played at wedding ceremonies, a naming ceremonies, girls-only gatherings, dance parties, with the national orchestra, a ballet group WAATO SIITA, and for studio recordings with pop singers. Since coming to Japan in 2015, he has been teaching Sabar at the Osaka Sabar Study Group, and in Kyoto, Shiga and Nagoya. He also played in events as well as performances at school with Walabook!?(west African music & dance), and also performs at popular improvisational sessions with other musical genres. Mbaye has also performed at AFRIKA Meets Kansai 2016, Kansai Francophonie Festival in Kobe 2017, and Revive Africa - back to motherland, etc.


Dance Performance: Butoh-Kami- dancedrawing by Marie Drouet and Seiji Tanaka

Two artists who have different cultural backgrounds and ways of expression carefully pay attention to each other, inspire each other, pull against each other, confront, part and change. It is a serious game between bodies and drawing. What will appear between them? Enjoy experiencing the thrilling apace created by sensation, sensibility, emotions and impulsion.

In Cooperation with: Institut Français Paris + Ville de Nantes

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