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Institut français du Japon - Kansai / Kyoto


8 Yoshida Izumidono-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Information: Tel. 075-761-2105
Access: Keihan Railway: A 12 min walk from Demachiyanagi Station, on Main Line & Eizai Line
Kyoto City Bus: Take bus 31, 65, 201, or 206 to Kyodai Seimon-mae stop
Kyoto Bus: Take bus 18 to Higashi Ichijo stop

Kinsei R&D
19:30- 24:00
Front Garden & Salon(3F)

Exhibitions: Yang Tree 2017 NBK (Garden)/ Boundary line you’ve made 2017 NBK (3F) by Takayuki Fujimoto

Displayed both in the front garden and on the 3rd Floor, are light installations by Takayuki Fujimoto (Kinsei R&D) of coordinated LED lights and music. In the garden is an updated version of a work first exhibited in 2015 in Beppu and Oita Prefecture.


Exhibition: « Kyozo Nebuta » Kyoto University of Art and Design Monday Project


Mylène Benoit - photo : Delphine Lermite
20:00–20:30 / 22:15–22:45
Salle Inabata

Contemporary Dance Performance: Cold Song
「Cold Song 」

From choreographer Mylène Benoit (Villa Kujoyama 2017 Resident), comes a work of figurative dance which was born out of research into phosphorescence. A dancer concealed below a photosensitivity sheet appears and disappears before the eyes of the audience. Numerous images transform captivating viewers’ gaze, showing things such as a clown, bug, rock, aged person, and St. John the Baptist. A performance showing a metamorphosis through a juxtaposition of images like tangible and abstract, mediocrity and refinement.
Performer: Roman Cappello
*No entry or exit after the performance has started.

© Théo Casciani & Cléo Verstrepen
2F Grande Salle

Film Screening: Exposer

Directors: Théo Casciani & Cléo Verstrepen
‘Exposer’ is a video directed by Théo Casciani and Cléo Verstrepen, shot at the Garden of the Fine Arts in Kyoto in collaboration with Kyoko Nomura and Joshua Stefane. Mixing sounds, words and gestures in a same movement of intensification of what is, this experience widens the principle of exhibition and inverts it into a new dialectic of gazes.

3F 33 Salle de cours

Exhibition: Ima-kara Mame-sara Metalworks Exhibition 2017 Prix Institut français du Japon Exhibition

Seikado is the sponsor of this metalworks exhibition, “Ima-kara Mame-sara 2017” featuring Prix Institut français du Japon award winning works ; on display will be Ryuhei Sako’s Mokumegane.
Exhibition Period: 10/6–10/13 (10:00–19:00)*
*Closed Monday
*Until 15:00 on 10/8 (Sun)

Fragrance Performance from Traditional Incense Company Shoeido
Venues*: Institut Français Kansai, Kyoto Art Center, Former Junpu Elementary School

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