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Institut français du Japon - Kansai


8 Yoshida Izumidono-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 606-8301
Information:Tel. 075-761-2105
Access:12 minute walk from Demachiyanagi Station on the Keihan line.


Exhibition: «Kyozo Nebuta» Kyoto University of Art and Design Monday Project

(c)Nicolas Buffe
[1F & Garden]

Exhibition : Nicolas Buffe

Nicolas Buffe is a video artist featured in this year’s Paris Nuit Blanche. He has been from childhood obsessed with Japanese anime, special effects, manga, and video games, along with having a background in the renaissance period classical literature. While blending these elements together, in almost uncapturable field he creates his phantasmagoric world. This exhibition features one part of his 2014 show at the Hara Museum entitled “The Dream of Polifilo.”
Based on the cooperation of the Nicolas Buffe Japan Co., Ltd., for the Nicolas Buffe Kyoto exhibition there a newly produced work will be exhibited from 10/1 to 10/9.

Exhibition Period: 10/1- 10/30*
*Excluding 10/7, Monday
On 10/9 (Sun) a talk will be given.

[In various places]

Dance performance: Monochrome Circus «Dance in Building 2016»

Monochrome Circus and workshop participants, join together in a dance created specifically to be performed inside the building.

[Salle Inabata]

Musical Performance : Kukangendai

Music performed by Kukangendai, a three piece band, is created by their concept of edit, copy, repeat, and error. In recent years, the group has been trying an experiment with their performance, to mix in different songs together during their live performances to create an environment of unified rhythm.

[Salle Inabata]

Musical Performance: Skynet

Formed in 2016 the sound modeling group Skynet uses sounds from discarded machines that no longer hold any purpose to release their innovative new sound based on the noise of an increasingly digitized world. The group offers a new explanation of noise born from objects created based on the band’s intersection of improvised language and dramatic techniques.

[Salle Inabata]

Musical Performance : Lafidki

Lafidki is the performance name used by Cambodian French musician Saphy Vong. His sound is created by the seemingly effortless mixing of duplicated rhythms, noise, and abstract machine noise. Saphy’s live performances are all an experiment in decisions and spontaneous thoughts based on the space and the energy of the crowd.

[Salle Inabata]

Musical Performance : Kikiilimikilii

Kikiilimikilii is a solo project started by French Video-audio artist Samuel Trifot in 2010 and has been performing in countries around the world. The music is mix of improvisation, an echo chorus, and an exotic element. We hope you enjoy the calming rhythm and psychedelic noise trance.

19:30- 24:00
[3F Salon]

Exhibition: Ima-kara Mame-sara Metalworks Exhibition 2016

Prix Institut français du Japon winners: Itto Mishima, Rei Noguchi, Yasuyuki Oyama, Kosuke Kato

Seikaido is the host for this metalworks exhibition, “Ima-kara Mame-sara 2016” featuring 4 Prix Institut français du Japon award winning artists. On display will be the grand prize winner Itto Mishima’s Shikakkei-deko, Shikakkei-boko, and special prize winners: Yasuyuki Oyama’s Reduction, Kosuke Kato’s Iron Mamesara and Rei Noguchi’s Shizuku.
Exhibition Period: 10/1 - 10/9*
*Excluding 10/7, Monday

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